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Amaretto Chestnut Double Wick Candle in Ceramic Planter
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    Amaretto Chestnut Double Wick Candle in Ceramic Planter


      About the Product:

      These 11 oz candles are poured with love in St. Louis. The beautiful ceramic jar comes with a wildflower seed infused dustcover. When you are done with the candle simply wet the dustcover and plant it under soil in the very same container. Amaretto Chestnut is a warm and nutty scent with notes of cardamom, chestnut, clove, amaretto, and caramelized sugar

      Made with soy wax and lead free cotton wicks. 

      Why it Matters:

      Americans consume so many resources that it would take at least 5 planet earths to support the world's population if everyone consumed the way we did. We love products that are designed with a creative culture of reuse in mind. We are thrilled to offer a product that was designed to grow flowers instead of be discarded.