Chamomile Flowers
Chamomile Flowers

Chamomile Flowers

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About the Product:

This Chamomile Tea is ethically-sourced by an Indian-woman led team. Freshly-picked from organic and biodynamic farms that are set up to combat climate change, this chemical-free herbal tea is soothing and luxurious. Tea is loose-leaf and packaging is compostable.

Why it Matters:

Plastic waste can remain in the environment for centuries and only 9% of all plastic-waste ever created has been recycled. We are excited to bring you a quality product that is created without plastic waste.

As a former colony, Indian resources have historically been exploited for the gain of foreigners. An Indian-led team is important in ensuring the fair treatment of tea farmers and the reinvestment of money in India. 

Tea is a wonderful addition to both morning and evening routines and can serve as a healthier alternative to many other beverages.