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Rosy Cheeks Clay Mask
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    Rosy Cheeks Clay Mask


      About the Product:

      The Rosy Cheeks Clay Mask is made up of French pink clay perfectly mixed with rosehip extract, bentonite clay, and Ylang Ylang essential oil. This all-natural and clean mask is perfect for detoxifying and soothing the skin, treating redness, stressed-out skin, aging, and more. Created for normal to dry/sensitive skin, but works well for all skin types.

      Mixed with water, honey, carrier oil, or other safe liquids this clay turns into a creamy mixture that can be applied directly to the skin. Apply to clean skin and leave on for 10-15 mins (it dries super quick). Wash off, tone, and follow up with your favorite Ash & Stone moisturizer or facial oil. So put on your favorite tunes, brew some herbal tea and get those rosy cheeks glowing.

      2 oz.

      Why it Matters:

      Plastic waste can remain in the environment for centuries and only 9% of all plastic-waste ever created has been recycled. We are excited to bring you a quality product that is packaged without any plastic. 


      French Pink Clay, Bentonite Clay, Rosehip Extract, Organic Ylang Ylang essential oil