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The Ultimate Skincare Gift Set

    The Ultimate Skincare Gift Set


      The Ultimate Skincare Gift Set has everything you need for a truly relaxing and restorative face mask ritual. A curation of top notch skincare products from the best in small, women-owned skincare brands across the country, these are products you can keep coming back to in different ways. These items can be incorporated into a variety of existing skincare routines or used altogether for a spa-like experience at home. Here's what you'll find in this set:

      - 1 Calming Clay Face Mask made with bentonite clay 

      - 1 Mask Brush & Bowl Set for mixing and applying your clay mask

      - 1 Bamboo Headband for keeping your hair back and your face clean 

      - 1 Bamboo Washcloth for removing your clay mask

      - 1 Tea Tree Facial Spray for spritzing your face post-mask

      - 1 Vitamin C Facial Serum for nourishing and moisturizing skin post-mask

      - 1 Rose Quartz Gua Sha for massaging facial serum into the skin

      - 1 Dried Flower Bundle Small for displaying in your surroundings

      - Wooden Gift Box included for in-store purchases only