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Eternal Shea Cream

    Eternal Shea Cream


      About the Product:

      This shea butter cream is the ultimate skincare indulgence. Extra light and fluffy and delightfully-scented it is made to moisturize and nourish the skin and hair. 

      The Eternal scent is a luscious goji berry. 10.5 oz of goodness. 

      Exposure to heat and/or sunlight will cause melting and changes in volume, texture without affecting other properties. Store in a cool environment to maintain ideal consistency.

      Why it Matters:

      This product is made with love by a luxury skincare brand in Ghana. Oftentimes, natural African resources are used in products that are manufactured in Europe and the United States, keeping all the profits in the countries at the end of the production process. We are proud to bring you a product that was designed, created, and packaged in Ghana.