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Bamboo Panty Liners

    Bamboo Panty Liners


      About the Product:

      Viv Bamboo Liners are perfect for eco-conscious menstruators. Each box contains 16 biodegradable bamboo-fiber liners with a compostable wrapper.

      100% plastic-free, saving the equivalent of 48 plastic bags per period. 100% toxin-free, for a more sustainable & healthy period. Viv liners are made of natural bamboo fiber for eco-friendly softness and ultimate absorption.

      They are naturally antibacterial, allergen-free, breathable, super soft & 40% more absorbent than cotton and organic cotton products, all while containing no phthalates and being BPA-free.

      Used products should be thrown in the trash (because they have menstrual blood on them, we do not recommend composting them). They are designed to break down in 150 days in a traditional landfill environment!

      Why it Matters:

      Plastic waste can remain in the environment for centuries and only 9% of all plastic-waste ever created has been recycled. We are excited to bring you a quality product that is created to reduce your plastic waste.