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Intuition Workshop

    Intuition Workshop

      This workshop will take you on a journey towards the inner and interpersonal field of the present moment where we find the “authentic self”, “soul”, “creative expression”, “connectedness” and “flow” - all words that point toward the quality of being where intuition lives.

      We will spend the first part of the afternoon cultivating skills of inner awareness and connection. Get ready to release, ground, alchemize, and visualize our inner world. 

      We will spend the second half of the afternoon connecting to physical and relational space. We will practice different exercises in “relatefulness”, a present-moment relational inquiry opening us to connection beyond the storied mind. Finally, we will integrate what showed up through guided “stream of consciousness” journaling, with optional time to share and learn from one another at the end. 

      Come with water, a journal, a pen, and a curious attitude!

      This workshop is inspired by Sophie‘s newest book, “The Intuition Experiment” where she spent over a year ruthlessly committed to two questions: “1. Can inner space be known? 2. How can I trust this inner knowing?”

      Tickets to this workshop are donation-based on site. Your "pre-order" works as an RSVP to the workshop.